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Progressive technology in immovable property trade


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By the way reaching efficiency in immovable property trade,like in every other,it is essential to use progressive information technology and to have operative information from reliable information source about the run of the market.
Long time,newspapers and other publications was fast,comfortable and reliable information source in Lithuania,but nowadays more and more business people are using internet for information.
Surely, on the internet you can find everything you need, either information from printing. Internet usage have got advantages and disadvantages. Main advantages can be these:
1.Information from Internet is more easily moved to database,because information is electronic.
2.When you create database you can adapt it, filtrate and do other actions.
3.If you have your own computer and Internet, information is more recheable and you don’t have to buy newspapers or other information sources.
4.Comfortable presentation form.
5.Published announcement appears on the Internet immediately and you can read it without waiting.
1.Information on the Internet is set on the different pages.
2.Short information existence ( on the Internet announcements board ): published announcement is pushed from first pages down and chance that someone will read it goes down.
3.Sometimes information is repeated ( about 60-70 % of information is dublicated ).
4.Search of information should last about 7 days.But that, with traditional search of information is impossible.
5.Internet is not popular enough,to become the main information source.
So how to use advantages of Internet and how to pass through disadvantages?
While talking of Internet popularity in Lithuania, we can state that situation in country is very changing.Statistics is showing that in the year 2005 general approach of Internet subscribers, through the second quarter, has increased 10,9 % and in quarter end was 635,92 thou.( that is 18,6 of subscriber 100 resident ).[1]
Above-mentioned problems can be solved by program system or intellectual program agent, which would accomplish "black" job by constantly searching and collecting information.
In this article we will check what technologies are used in civilized countries and which ones could be fitted in Lithuania, plus we will present our method.

Internet immovable property multi-criterion bargaining decisions admission support system

Multi-criterion bargaining decisions admission support system (DSPS, en. NDSS-RE) is multi-criterion, internet bargaining for immovable property decisions admission support system. Decisions admission support implement is used in this system. This support implement is point of creating alternatives and multi-criterion analysis method practise. They let other countries to value their preference system and to find chance of compromise for reaching two-way benefit. Principal DSPS chart is showed in 1 pct. ...

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